Terms & Conditions

1. Paid Listings

Paid Owners’ property will immediately be listed with their registered information (information means, the signed data given by the Owner at the time of Registration. This listing will be always promoted on the top traffic pages according to the scheme selected. We will keep the paid listings on top rankings and featured pages according to the selected scheme.

Listed properties must follow the rules and guidelines published by Rehnakhana website. Any listing which is not following the guidelines will be deleted  from database after one warning (No second warning).

2. Unpaid Listings:

The unpaid registered listings will not be displayed over website till the payment is not made. Registration of “Unpaid-Owners” shall get discontinued anytime after a scheduled time interval without any advance notice. The Unpaid Owners will not be included in “Verified category”.

3. Deleted Listings

Deleted or removed listings will be shown on the website when completes the registration process again.

4. You have to accept the terms of Use before listing any property or before making a payment on this Website.